Its competition day at CrossFit Provision! I am so excited to compete with two new girls Baylee Rayl and Wendy Hardman. I am feeling really good and I always love competing.


Yesterday, my sisters and I planned a baby moon trip to Florida in mid April. I have two sisters, Chrissy and Tesia. Chrissy is also pregnant. She is 18 weeks along and is due June 16. We are going to have a blast! We haven’t ever traveled together without parents so it will be an adventure.



Ok, so getting ready to compete tonight I was pretty relaxed because the workout was 11 min running clock 6 round 12 Hang Cleans 110, 14 front squats; each person does 2 rounds. Then remainder of the time team completes as many box overs as possible. We won the event with 265 box overs. The team worked really well together and we are learning each other. We will see how we strategize tomorrow and compete with three more workouts to go.


My body felt great competing. On the box overs my heart rate got really high so I took a few box jumps off to control my breathing and then started back up. I am relieved that I am able to feel when my body is losing control and I can back off. I don’t want to, but it’s not about me anymore. I have a love of my life that I am responsible.


My belly is poking out, but I am trying to suck it in as much as I can because I am afraid people are going to start rubbing my belly. I am not going to like that at all. I will need to make a sign, “Do not rub the belly or poke the belly button.” With that being said.



I love all the support from the competition today with hugs and congratulations! You are all amazing for reading my blog on a daily basis. I will try to keep it as real as I can.

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