I woke up this morning at 4:30am ready to rock and roll to teach my CrossFit 417 5:30am class. I love this class so much. There are 22-28 individuals that come on Mondays. It’s pretty awesome. I had a couple ounces of Gingerale and 2 All Natural Brats before 5am. I felt great. I even worked out immediately after I was done coaching the 5:30am class. I was ready to train again. My body and mind needed it.

The workout was a 22 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 12 Box Jumps 20’, 12 Kettlebell swings 35lbs, and 120’ OH walking lunge with 14lb wall ball. I love box jumps, but today they were a struggle. I had to step them down and my balance is gone. I kind of had to laugh at how difficult box jumps were for me today. It is my best movement and I struggled with that movement. The kettlebells swings were ok, except for my nagging tailbone. I tried to stay active in my gluteus area the entire time. The OH walking lunges were harder than anticipated. I had to yell at myself to stay tough to keep that ball over my head and not drop it. I don’t know what that feeling is with my belly, but with my hands over my head it feels like I am ripping my lower stomach. It didn’t rip!

I’m getting ready to compete this weekend at the CrossFit Provision Meltdown with two other girls and I’m actually nervous because I do not feel fit. I love competing and the community so we will see how my body does.

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