Thursday evening I did go and workout and I am so glad I did. It didn’t make me feel better, but I got moving, again.

Friday was a good day, because I got to spend it with one of my graduating senior volleyball players. We had a coffee date at 10am and a lunch date after. I enjoyed the quality time with her. We had a short bible study together discussing James 4 and humbling ourselves before the Lord, daily.


I was exhausted after work and my lunch date, but I went to workout again and it was a partner workout and I had a blast.


My body took a turn for the worst Saturday at 2:30am. I woke up because my stomach was hurting and had diarrhea. This has been pretty common for me the past three days. In the morning I woke up really thirsty. I drank some water and immediately began throwing up. I called my sister, who is also pregnant, and she told me to eat some saltines or toast before drinking water. It helped some. I was supposed to go and train Saturday morning, but I kept throwing up and having diarrhea. I decided I should stay in and rest. At about 6pm I decided to get up and try to take my dog on a walk. I took him on a 400 m walk and I began throwing up as soon as my heart rate moved faster. I am so exhausted and I feel extremely lazy. I am becoming frustrated, as I do not know what is happening to me, is it the flu, or the pregnancy?

I’m sorry I don’t have more fun stories to tell, but I have been miserable this week and I think my body hates me right now. I am praying for some energy tomorrow so I can get some cleaning and food prepped for the week. My husband has been helping out a lot, but he is really busy getting ready for baseball season to start.


I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

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