I apologize for not blogging the past two days. I have been miserably sick! I am not sure if it was from the long day of travel and having no nap, but I have suffered from extreme fatigue and Diarrhea! Sorry for the graphics, but I had no energy to blog or even video myself. I am slowly regaining energy, but it’s happening really slowly.

Anyways, I have not done much the past two days except I had to go to work to catch up on it. I was so tired I didn’t last long. The weather has been icy and snowy so I have tried not to leave the house too much.

Ok, so here’s the update on the belly. My belly has lost its bloat so I have my abs back, but my belly button has begun to protrude and when I push on it, it feels full of fluid. My belly button is very sensitive right now and looks so different. I guess that’s normal. That’s the only real change I have noticed in my belly this week.

I’m getting ready to compete next weekend in a local competition at CrossFit Provision with my friends Baylee Rayl and Wendy Hardman. They are really excited! I’m hoping my fatigue goes away so I can train hard and be a good teammate. They had crop tops made. I’m not too thrilled about that, but I will be a good sport!

I have felt so terrible I haven’t wanted to eat or drink anything which is making my sickness worse. Today, I brought in a large water bottle and am timing myself to make sure I drink a certain amount of water. I’ve got to bring competition to everything in my life. I’m a little odd, but it helps me reach my goals.

I’m trying to find motivation to go and workout, but I’m not sure I should keep pushing my body when I’m this exhausted. Any advice I would appreciate. I have always been taught to push through because my body can do way more than my mind says it can, but I am not sure it that’s the same with pregnancy. I do not want to harm my precious baby!

I will keep you updated on what I decide to do this evening…train or sleep. I have been sleeping over 12 hours a night the past two nights.

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