1.  Bruises are now part of my daily wardrobe. I try to choose clothes that hide them, but when all else fails I resort to
color-coordinating based on shades. Purple and yellow are complementary, right?

2.  Boxes are intimidating. It doesn’t matter if they’re wood or metal, tall or short. Heck, you could bubble-wrap them and add glitter, butterflies and bows. They’d still be intimidating.

5c3.  Bumper plates are intimidating. Metal plates of the same weight are even more intimidating. It’s a noise thing.

4.  Barbells are intimidating. Someone is bound to “encourage” me to add some plates, so I’m back to #3.

5.  My friends at the Box are intimidating. Regardless of age, size or gender, they make things look sooooooo easy [insert sarcastic voice inflection]. And they’re not…ever.

6.  Six-packs are intimidating. I have to apologize now if any of you shirtless guys or gals have caught me ogling. I promise I’m harmless. I’m also utterly fascinated by your muscle structure and how exactly that comes to be. What can I say? It’s one of life’s biggest mysteries. On a similar note, booty shorts and spandex are also intimidating. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) I catch myself staring like a crazy lady, in awe and wonder, at the butts of other CrossFit females. I mean, how do you pack it all so nicely? Some of us just aren’t made that way!

7.  Always use the restroom before a workout. Always.

8.  Goodbye soft hands. Hello callouses and blisters.


9.  My coaches are not the spawn of Satan, although I’m known to become suddenly convinced that they are during any given WOD.

10.  I’m almost always my own worst enemy. Regardless of the weight on the bar, the depth of the squat, the time on the clock, or the scale of the movement, my friends at the Box are always there to support and encourage me, reminding me that each time I walk through those doors I’m becoming a stronger, healthier me…one day at a time.

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