Went in this morning to the gym at around 8:50am because we have contractors at our house knocking out some walls and putting in new electrical work. I have been pretty excited to work out the past two days, but I hate not being able to take a pre-workout supplement. Those make a huge difference. Today I found my 1 RM Clean and Jerk, which was 175 lbs. catching the clean in the bottom of a squat was a little uncomfortable. After my Clean and Jerk I did 5 x 1 OH squat from the floor and I worked my way up to 165 lbs nothing too strenuous. My metcon consisted of 21-15-9 OH squats 65 lbs and pullups followed by 5 rounds 15 pushups and 25 ab mat sit-ups. I felt good pushing myself and lifting weights.

I’m in my second trimester today and I’m excited to start to feel better, or at least that’s what others keep telling me. I’m holding onto the hope it’s going to be roses and candy the rest of the pregnancy.

I must be feeling somewhat better because I went to lunch with Matt this afternoon and I ate 5 tacos and fried ice cream. I’m going to have to eat healthy tonight to balance out my calories and fat intake.

One thing I keep hearing from people who do not know I am pregnant is if I am in my offseason because I am putting on weight in my midsection? Yes, men ask me that to my face and women ask other women behind my back. It’s quite funny when I hear what others are saying about my belly. I love seeing all the pregnant women at our CrossFit 417 gym every day. There are quite a few of us.

Volleyball off season has begun and we work out every day at 3:30pm. I only have 5 girls because the rest of them graduated. I love getting to work with their functional fitness and they are so sore. Today is yoga day because this group never stretches and I want them to understand the importance of stretching.


I participated in the Yoga class, which was super relaxing and needed. I hadn’t taken the time myself to stretch lately. I will mobilize with a lacrosse ball, but no stretching.


Tomorrow is a new day and I need to go to the Library.

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