GINGERALE!! That’s the key to this vomiting thing. Thanks to Jason Rule and my mom for mentioning this wonderful drink. I stopped throwing up last night and haven’t thrown up all day! I went to church by myself this morning because Matt had baseball camp. I’m pretty much a solo rider the rest of the spring and summer because of his baseball schedule! I’m ok with that though because he loves what he does and is really great at it!


My belly is starting to stretch out and it kind of feels weird now when I do pull-ups or put my arms over my head to stretch. My tailbone still is giving me fits and hurts when I walk or cross my legs.


I had a pretty good day Sunday. I went to church, which I already mentioned, grocery shopped, did laundry, cleaned dishes, cooked lunch, and went to a Missouri State basketball game against the Salukis, aka, Southern Illinois. I was productive today and I hope my body will be ok with that tomorrow. I did not work out again today in hopes to give my body a break because of the sickness and fatigue.


My cravings have been Kale salads and pickle juice. I bought a family size package today and ate 6 cups of kale salad. I think my cravings are super weird. Matt told me to make whatever concoction and don’t tell him about it. I get a kick out of his responses.


I’m trying to continue to allow myself 12 hours of sleep a night except on Sundays because I have to wake up at 4:30am to coach CrossFit at 5:30am. I enjoy coaching those mornings.


Tomorrow I am going to try and workout 2x tomorrow because I haven’t worked out in two days. I cannot remember the last time in 3 years I have missed two days of working out in a row. I am a tad depressed about my friends who stopped asking me to workout with them now that I am pregnant. I don’t have a disease or anything; I’m pregnant! It’s crazy how things can change within an instant. I thought my CrossFit friends would stay my friends no matter what, but it proves false. I’m going to have to make an effort to maintain friendships and make new friends. The friendship thing has been on my heart the past week or so and it’s difficult to talk to others about it. At least on my blog I can share my heart without others feeling the need to say, that it’s not true.  Things are changing for me whether I’m ready or not.

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