This is hopeless! I am 40 weeks and no baby. The only positive is that I get a bonus ultra sound tomorrow to make sure placenta and amniotic fluid are still working properly for Luke. I am pretty sure I don’t need an ultrasound to make that prediction because he is a wild animal in my belly. I am looking forward to contractions with how much Luke kicks, punches, and swirls around. I have been praying for contractions and that my body will naturally accommodate to have a child. I am very grateful for my doctor that she knows how much I do not want a cesarean section and is doing all she can to help prevent that situation. Right now, my chances are very high if she were to induce me. Hopefully, tomorrow my doctor will tell me my body is progressing. I don’t feel like it is. The only thing I feel is me getting larger and larger and nothing else happening.

On the other hand I could have never imagined how big my belly would get. I will post my 40 week picture in the next day or so. It’s difficult to capture with a selfie. Matt is going to have to take the picture to be able to fit my whole stomach in the picture. I wish I was exaggerating! It’s pretty amazing.

Matt and I have had some pretty special moments the past few days. Even he is getting anxious. We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time together. Here’s the ironic part in all this…Matt and I are scheduled people. Every day and every hour is accounted for; well, Luke is making it pretty clear he is in charge and will do what he wants when he wants. In reality, Matt and I made our parents wait a long time after their due dates too.

I know he will be here soon, but this is ridiculous!

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