Matt and I went to Carl Junction yesterday to visit family and I forgot Matt has not been around 3 toddlers and a newborn at a given time. He was overwhelmed to say the least. We got in the truck to head back to Springfield and we both said we are not ready for 4 kids, but we will be ok with our family of 3. The chaos at my parents’ house was unreal and the kids are well behaved. There was one little one that did not like Matt at all every time she could see him or walk into the room she would have a complete meltdown. She started warming up to him once I was holding her. He would throw a ball to her and she could throw it back. If I tried to put her down she would lose her marbles. By the end of the couple hours we were there she warmed up to him. It was pretty funny to me, but not to Matt.

I felt so great yesterday! I didn’t get too tired until 8:30pm and felt like my old self except with a big belly. Last night when I went to bed around 11:00pm my contractions started and lasted until midnight. I made Matt keep his hand on my belly at first and then when the contractions went to my back I needed his hand there to contain the pain. I eventually fell asleep at midnight and slept until 5am when I needed to go to the bathroom and went right back to sleep.

Today I am looking forward to a pregnancy massage. I have never had one of those, but it has to feel good and relaxing. J So I need to get a work out in before my massage so after I can relax and get some house work done. 12 days left until I either will deliver or be induced to have my baby boy. I wish I wasn’t so nervous and scared about the labor and delivery. What if I cannot handle the pain? What if Matt is a terrible coach and I end up screaming at him? Life is forever going to change. Will Matt forget about me once the baby has arrived? These are a few of my concerns and questions. I have been communicating these questions to Matt and he tries to be sympathetic, but he is so excited about us having a baby he doesn’t understand. I need to continue to have my quiet time in the mornings to talk with God because He is who understands and can take my worries away.

Anyways, Matt and I are trying to get the house cleaned, laundry completed, and organized before Luke arrives so we can have our lives a little settled before chaos and sleepless nights begin. We are trying to get 3 things done a day and leave 2-3 hours for date/hang out time without doing chores. I’ll let you know if we can accomplish this task.

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