Officially 38 weeks and 1 day and slept for 9 hours straight through last night. Either I was extremely tired or my diffuser with essential oils put me in a coma. I diffused lavender and panaway and put two drops of lavender on the bottoms of my feet and behind my ears. I woke up thinking I was in a dream. I haven’t slept through the night in months. I am still in shock and its 11:15am.

I have been extremely excited to watch the CrossFit games this weekend to support CrossFit 417 and Brooke Wells. I believe the team and Brooke will do exceptional. I have been looking forward to watching all day I have forgotten about my pregnancy and am feeling magnificent.

Oh for those who care about my pregnancy numbers I have gained 27 pounds, baby’s heart beat is 133, my blood pressure is “perfect” spoken from my nurse, and baby’s positioning is outstanding. I am dilated only to a 1 so far and cervix is soft, but thick; that may be too much information, but leaving it all out there.

My eating and drinking of water has been pretty superb and I made a list for Matt to go to the grocery store yesterday and he bought two bags of chocolate us. I told him that wasn’t on the list. He said, It’s for you and Luke. Ha. He then opened the bag of chocolate and ate ¾ of the bag himself. He’s very tricky.

My parents, who live in Carl Junction, are watching all the grandkids this week and Matt and I are going to go visit. My parents purchased a ball pit and outdoor waterpark for the grandkids. All of us asked why they never purchased that stuff with us? I have yet to receive an answer. I mean this waterslide/waterpark is legit. There are 3 grandkids that are old enough to play and then there is Owen who is 1 month old.

It is going to be a fun day!

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