Matt arrived home at 5:30am just the time I began coaching Crossfit this morning! Glad he’s back, but it always takes a week or so to adjust to being a couple again. I mean I have my routine by myself and he comes home and messes my routine up. So glad he will be able to help me since I started having contractions yesterday after church and they are sporadic throughout the day.

I thought contractions were only in the belly area, but I have been getting contractions that feel like a butcher knife is stabbing up through my pelvis area. My contraction after church was the knife stabbing pain and it doubled me over when I was walking to my car. I gathered myself after a few seconds and I was fine after that.

When I am on my feet I get pretty regular baby contractions until I sit down and they will eventually subside. I do not mind the belly contractions because those feel like I am doing core work. Those contractions hurt my lower back some, and I am able to talk through them which means I am not really in labor just preparing.

I am still working out. I exercised on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I did 200 m Farmer Carry w/35 pounds Dumbbells, 50 Wall balls, 50 Pull-ups, 50 Step-ups, 50 Calorie Row, and 200 m Farmer Carry. I didn’t time myself I just wanted to get all the movements accomplished. I completed the work in under 20 minutes. On Sunday since I was so sore from Saturday’s work out I rowed 1 mile, 50 lunges, and 50 air squats with no weight and that helped with my soreness to get it out of my body. Today, I will not work out because it is too hot out and I really don’t want to go into labor yet.

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