Good news is that I do not have Cholestasis. The bad news is I am allergic to the heat. I get terrible heat rash from exposing any of my skin to the heat. Yah! As soon as I walk into the CrossFit gym or outside I begin to break out in hives.

I am taking Benadryl and Claritin daily to prevent itching and hives. I am doing much better now that I know what my hives are from and can take medicine to prevent them from returning.

My friend and I accomplished the impossible task of grocery shopping, prepping, and preparing 28 freezer meals. It took over 11 ½ hours to accomplish and let me tell you, exhausting, but now my friend and I have a month of dinner prepared.

I am 35 weeks pregnant and my belly is getting huge. My t-shirts are not fitting over my belly. I don’t care I am not going to purchase new clothing for a month. My workouts are still going well. I am getting much better at rowing because I literally do it every day. Wall balls are my favorite movement. I don’t know why those are easy for me, but I like them. I have been putting a small box under me since it’s really hard for me to bend all the way over to the ground. So anytime there are Dumbbell snatches or DB cleans I put a small box underneath me so I do not have to bend over as far. It works for me and keeps Luke from getting smashed.

I believe I have started getting heartburn as of yesterday. I’m not 100% sure though. I have an intense burning sensation under my left chest and I can feel it at night usually more than any other time. It’s getting harder and harder to move and keep up my energy throughout the day. I think it’s from the huge growth of my belly and Luke.

I leave for Kalamazoo, MI in the next couple of days and cannot wait to see my husband! He hasn’t seen me since 29 weeks so he’s in for a nice surprise! Ha. I have tried to warn him with my size of belly. Thankfully since 29 weeks I have only gained 4 lbs. I am at a total of 28 lbs weight gain and I am hoping to not gain more than 35 lbs. I have to really stay on track these next few weeks. I will still enjoy some ball park food and dessert, but hopefully keep it in moderation. Who are we kidding, I am going to eat everything!

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