I had a great weekend celebrating my dad for Father’s Day and an award for his years in ministry in Omaha, NE. I also had the opportunity to meet my new nephew Owen Daniel, who weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs and my sister delivered that boy in 1 push. She’s a champ! It was baby number 2, but that beats the 26 hours with the first baby. I am expecting the worst so maybe it will be slightly better. Newborns are still scary. They are so small and tiny. I held him a couple times, but would much rather play with the 1 ½ year olds. I am hoping I will like my newborn or at least not be afraid of him.

I have started feeling him move and shift lower which is causing a tingling/prickling sensation and sometimes feels the baby is going to fall out. I am assuming this doesn’t go away until delivery. Yah! I have to sit down to lessen the sensation.

Luke is still very aggressive in his kicks and doubles me over when I am walking or talking to other people. It’s not a contraction or anything, just a violent kick. For only being 4 lbs he sure can pack a punch or I am just being a wuss. I am probably just being a wuss, but it hurts.

I am 34 weeks! 6 more weeks remaining! “Just keep moving” is my new motto for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Oh yeah sleeping has turned into quite the hassle now. I haven’t had sleeping issues until this week and it’s not even to pee. Luke thinks it’s party time in the evening, and will wake me up with his dance moves every 2 hours. I have relied heavily on naps in the afternoon because sleeping in the evening is not an option anymore.

I get to see Matt in two weeks and when he sees me I think he will be in shock because the last time he saw me was at 30 weeks and when I see him next I will be 36 weeks. My belly has changed quite a bit from 30 weeks to 34 and again to 36 weeks. And when I get back from Michigan I will only have 3 weeks remaining! Ahhhh! I can’t believe it’s actually going to happen. I am going to be a parent!

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