I must confess my Instagram and Facebook account look like I have no problems working out and training. Here’s the reality… I’m tired and insecure every time I walk into the gym. My clothes don’t fit like they used to, which is fine, but you know the saying, “you look good, you feel good?” Not realistic with me at this point in pregnancy. My baby is active all the time, which I understand is great, but not great before, during, and after a workout. I am constantly sweating and in places I have never sweat before. I am 26 pounds heavier already and at 33 weeks so to move my body gets more difficult daily. Luke is sensitive to the weights banging and loud music in the gym so he loves to curl up as tight as possible as low as he can get in my belly and cause terrible pain. I am just going to say it. It feels like my pubis bone is being sledge hammered every step I take. I try to work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds or my heart rate gets above 160 and I have to keep my heart rate under 160. If you watched my unedited videos of my workouts you would say, there’s a lot of rest vs actual movement. J I am trying to stay active and moving even if it is at a much slower rate than I am used to moving. My motto, “It’s not about me, it’s about protecting my son, and laying down my insecurities and worries to the Lord.” I have had the luxury of being selfish for the past few years and doing what I want to do and what Matt wants to do. Carrying this baby has been an eye opening experience for me and a chance to learn about who God wants me to be and how I will raise this boy.

Again, every pregnancy is different because every person is different. Do what works for you and is safe. I am uncomfortable, tired, and hot when I work out, but I feel better once I am finished. I know it is healthy for baby and me.

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