This past weekend was great! I have been feeling really good and everything is growing as it should. Well, that is what the doctor says. I am now meeting with the doctor every 2 weeks. I have been trying really hard to watch my eating habits and stay pretty healthy with eating and following my macros for post pregnancy. I did really well for 3 days and then I had to get a cheeseburger and French fries because Luke needed it. The good thing about being pregnant in the summer is that it is hot outside and I am wanting more water and fruit, but the bad thing about the summertime and pregnant is the heat. I get so hot so fast and it takes a long time for me to cool down. I am also larger in most places on my body and sweat more and in places I have never sweat before. It’s pretty hysterical. My friend Daryl, who is 5 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy, agrees with me on this topic. I cannot complain too much. I have really enjoyed the past couple weeks of pregnancy. I’m not for sure why, but maybe it’s because this will be the closest to my son I will ever get to be and I am trying to embrace the uncomfortable pleasure these next weeks.

The past three days I have never been more excited and ready to be a mom! I have noticed myself nesting a little more than normal by continuously trying to find organizing boxes and cubbies and trying to find a routine that will work for baby and me. I am sure nothing will go as planned, but I want to be able to have the ability to have a routine.

Even Rocky, my dog, senses something in my belly. He loves to lay on or next to my belly. I hope he realizes that his life is going to change and not for the better at first, but I am hoping he does alright with the new addition. Matt keeps telling me I am going to be outnumbered by boys 3:1 and I tell him that’s alright that means I am automatically the queen. I think he is a little worried that Luke is going to take his spot and I am going to make every attempt to make sure that doesn’t happen, but every woman I talk to says it is very difficult to keep your spouse #1 once the baby is here. I guess I should make a babysitting fund or find a couple to trade off weekends to watch kids to go out on a date.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to Carl Junction, MO and watch my niece all by myself. I had to wake her up, change her diaper, feed her, clothe her, and go to church. Let’s just say I was early to drop her off at the nursery for church! It was a success. I had to wake up an extra hour before I would normally, but she’s pretty cute so it was worth it. Being an aunt is pretty awesome. I am going to be an aunt again this week. My sister is due this week and is praying the baby comes by Tuesday.

Luke is always moving and grooving in my stomach and causes me to be uncomfortable at times, but I can handle it. I am going to be receiving a pretty awesome gift in 7 weeks! J

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