29 Weeks! I only have 11 weeks remaining until due date! Matt leaves for Michigan next Tuesday and I have new pregnancy side effects: indigestion, a little heart burn, and more emotional than ever. It’s getting fun! I am excited to be receiving my pregnancy pillow today in the mail so hopefully that will help with some uncomfortable sleeping positions. Matt is feeling the baby move a lot more than before and seeing my belly move from side to side still freaks him out.

We are really starting to organize the entire house in the next week, well I guess Matt is since he is moving away. I keep telling him that I will be around and my mom is going to help me with getting everything organized and cleaned.

My workouts are going fine! Still plugging away. My body is getting sore from working out and that hasn’t happened in a long time. I love the feeling of being sore, but mix that will a giant belly and it’s a lot more uncomfortable. Oh well, I am pretty sure that is going to be me for the next few months. Nothing is mine anymore. I am training my mindset to be ready. It’s a lot more challenging than I expected. I have felt more at peace than ever before. I have spent a lot of time pursuing the Lord and learning about Him and sitting in silence. I stopped expecting things from God and am trying to learn who God is rather than having these expectations of what I thought God should be to me. It’s challenging, but the peace I have felt and the love I feel from the Lord is overwhelming and guiding me to be content in my circumstance.

I spent Sunday on the James River Kayaking with some friends and family and it was so beautiful and I felt God’s presence to be in the moment and embrace the time I get to spend with them. Every moment with others have become so precious. Being pregnant has definitely found me a softer side to who I am. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I will try to find the words.

On a side note, my sister, Chrissy is getting ready to have her 2nd son in less than 30 days. I am going to be an aunt for the 4 time. Being an aunt is pretty great! I have definitely enjoyed that title. It’s crazy how your heart can already love something that is not my own.

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