I had a great pregnancy Mother’s Day! Matt spoiled me with a card, breakfast in bed, and manicure and pedicure. It was really nice to get a little pampered! I had the privilege of cooking my mom, dad, and mother in law dinner too. It was a lovely Sunday.

I have felt so in love with Luke lately and I cannot wait to meet him. I explained to Matt my connection with Luke over the past couple of days and its emotional thinking about me being a mom to this little dude. I have 12 weeks left of carrying him in my belly and am looking forward to spending more quality time with him in my womb. I have started reading to him out loud and this week we are hopefully going to finish his closet and organizing his room. I cannot wait to be a mom! I am pretty sure my heart is going to grow 10x its size.

I am looking forward to going to the CrossFit gym tonight. I love when the weather is slightly overcast, but still nice. The heat is starting to affect me. I can tell when I am sleeping and my husband is sleeping in a t-shirt and shorts and I have all the blankets thrown off of me. He begs me to not turn on the fan because he’s too cold. I have agreed as long as I can turn on the air conditioner to a reasonable number. We both woke up freezing this morning and my body temperature is all over the place. It’s another thing I cannot control about my body.

I am getting really excited to watch CrossFit 417 regionals in a 3 weeks! They are going to do so great! I wish I could be there to cheer them on. People keep asking me if I am missing training and regionals. I do not miss the long hours, sacrifice from family, and body aches, but I miss my training buddies! The friendships, hardships, accomplishments, and failures that we share together is what I miss the most. I love my CrossFit community.

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