God is so great! I have been struggling the past month with loneliness and the past two days God has answered prayers by putting people in my life who have good hearts! I had a terrible day yesterday at work and in the afternoon I had a volleyball player visit me in my office to chat, then I had a very sweet Facebook message from a friend from Missouri State University, who mentioned she reads my blog daily and even though she is not pregnant she can relate with me. Then I got to visit with some friends at the CrossFit gym. The icing on the cake was I decided to take Matt on a date after he got off work at 8pm! We talked and laughed for an hour and half! It was what this soul needed.

This morning I went to Driven Nutrition and I have absolutely appreciated my sponsor more and more each day. I hate even using the word, “sponsor” because they have become dear friends to me. They look out for me even when I am afraid to ask for help. Today, he offered to mow my lawn while Matt would be gone for the summer. WOW! My heart and soul was so humbled by this offer. I have my father in law who is going to come up from Carthage every week, but I am so grateful for this family and their love for people. I know they would do anything to help anybody.

On another note I have not had any contractions or cramping since yesterday morning and Luke has been dancing and moving around like a maniac. I feel really good about this. I will continue to monitor and watch my workouts, but I was even able to work out last night. I modified a lot of movements to keep my core from over use. My workout was 800 m row, 100 pull-ups (Scale: Sit on a box and pull a band down to activate the same muscles as pull-ups), 50 box jump overs (scale: step up overs), 100 KB Swings at 35 lbs (Scale: 75 KB swings), 50 cal row, 100 DU (Couldn’t do these). I wasn’t expecting to be able to work out yesterday, but I thought I would at least move and do what I could and I was pleased with my body being able to handle this. I felt really good after I was finished too, which is usually not the case. I am usually cramping or needing to sit down for 15-20 minutes to gather myself.

Ok, something that I am noticing about me that I am not use to is my clumsiness. I have been tripping randomly and losing my balance when I try to stand on one foot to put on my pants or socks. I have been fumbling with and dropping everything such as water bottles, vitamins, pretty much anything that goes in my hand ends up falling to the ground, lately. I had my supplements that I was carrying into my house in a box, tripped on the top step and dropped the supplements everywhere. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I am all of a sudden a 75 year old woman. I am hoping I won’t break my hip before this pregnancy is over.

Oh yeah, I am 27 weeks pregnant. I have 13 weeks left. My how the time flies. I cannot wait to meet Luke. I am going to appreciate the next 13 weeks of having no real responsibility except for myself and Matt and take advantage of my freedom.

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