I had another doctor appointment. I am now 26 weeks and 1 day. Everything is going smooth, my blood pressure is great so is Luke’s. I have my gestational diabetes test in 4 weeks. I asked for the lemon-lime flavor I hope I chose well. I talked a lot with the doctor about my round ligament pain and she helped out a lot. She told me my pain is coming from toes to bar and if I stop doing that it will not hurt anymore. She was pleased with herself because she learned about that movement. She said doing sit-ups was fine as long as I am not using my hip flexors all that much. I was pleased to hear that relief will come soon. We also are going to be taking a birthing class before Matt leaves for Michigan and that gives me some relief knowing that we will have education together. Hoping we will not forget what we are doing in 3 months’ time. I cannot believe how fast pregnancy is going. I only have 3 ½ months left. I know those are going to be long and hot, but am getting excited to meet our son face to face.

My doctor did not like that I haven’t been walking due to my ligament pain. She is very adamant that I continue to do cardio. I was thinking in my head, do you understand how much rowing I have been doing? Oh well, I will begin doing my hour walk even if it hurts I suppose.

I have begun to change my eating habits for the rest of my pregnancy. I am trying to cut out a lot of carbohydrates so I do not retain water and swell. That’s really hard with me craving carbohydrates. I have been consuming a lot of Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Peanut Butter protein because it tastes delicious and cuts the carbohydrates completely out. I mix the protein with almond milk or coconut milk.

I need to learn to cook more with the protein supplement for baked goods to help curb my cravings.

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