Luke is moving all over my belly and it feels like I have snakes. Last night it scared me as I was lying in bed watching some television I screamed and thought something was slithering across my stomach. Luckily it was Luke. That was the strangest, but coolest feeling.


I went to the chiropractor and she adjusted me quite a bit and showed me some stretches and massages I can do to help release my round ligament pain. I still cannot walk normal; I have a slight waddle, but I try to walk as normal as I can. I am thankful for people who have knowledge about pregnancies and how to help relieve some pains.


It’s crazy to think that I can lift weights with no problems, but ask me to jog or walk and you may see me tear up a little. Just kidding, but seriously, it hurts to walk.


There is another girl in our gym, Daryl, who is also pregnant. She is 5 weeks further along then myself and we have completely different pregnancies. She has terrible Sciatica and she has never had the round ligament pain. I have no back pain yet; knock on wood, and only the round ligament pain. She can ride a bike with no problem, and my doctor told me to not get on a bike for the rest of my pregnancy. It’s cool how every body is different and special. Daryl is having a girl so maybe that makes a difference too. Either way, its fun to talk about our aches and pains with each other to make us feel better that we are not just wimps but have legitimate pains.  I still have 14 weeks left of this pregnancy and am aware its only going to become harder.


Oh yeah, I found some Lululemon tanks and shorts that fit my preggo body and its not terrible. Its only one type of tank and one pair of shorts, but hey I can order those in multiple colors. 😉


Well, I have a lot of stretching to do this evening so hopefully by the end of the week I can report good news of fixing my pain in my frontal hips. Wish me luck!

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