Matt thinks I am squishing our baby. He gave me an analogy that our baby’s face and hands are pressed against my belly yelling for me to stop doing toes 2 bar and core work so he can have more room. I laughed so hard because that is seriously what Matt thinks is happening. I assured him he is very comfortable in my stomach even though I am not comfortable. He thinks I need to eat more so my stomach will get bigger for him. I again explained to him that is not exactly how that works. He cracks me up with how his mind works.

My workouts have been modified quite a bit. Last night I attempted a 20 min workout: 50 box jump overs (which I did step up and over), 100 Push Press @ 55, 100 Front Squats @55 (I did 55 reps and then tried lunges because I started cramping really bad), 100 Sumo DL High Pulls @ 55 (I completed 60 reps and stopped my stomach was hurting so bad). I am getting really frustrated with all the cramping when I work out. I am only 24 weeks and I am having belly issues. Anyways, I go back to the doctor April 27 so I will get to talk with her a lot more on safety and my body changes.

I started walking an hour every day at work and this is day 2. Yesterday I walked at a 3mph for 60 minutes and today I walked 30 minutes at 4% incline at 2.6mph and then 30 minutes at 0% incline because my hips were hurting. My goal by the end of my pregnancy is to be able to walk for 60 minutes at 8% or higher incline. I have 16 weeks to accomplish this task.

I will be in Florida in 4 days with my sisters and cannot wait to be laying like a beached whale on the beach. It’s going to be glorious. I am wanting to try paddle boarding and some other water sports while I’m there. I will be safe, but I like my adventures. I’ll be blogging with video clips all next week so hopefully I can keep you all entertained a little more than my writing blogs.

My belly is getting a lot larger and putting on pants, socks, and shoes is a little more taxing. Last night I was putting on some leggings before heading to CrossFit and I get one chance to make sure my foot lands in the pant hole, well I missed and I went tumbling all over the place, but luckily I landed on the bed. My dog stared at me with a look of “what just happened?” I did not get injured, however, my pants did not make it. They have a giant hole in the crotch of the pants.

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