I got to work out with “cool kids” today at CrossFit 417! I rearranged my schedule to train at 10am instead of5pm. I have to work later in the evening because of it, but so worth it. We did a 36 min EMOM with 15 sec Free standing Handstand, 7 Clean and Jerks @ 85, 6 Ring Rows, 3 pull-ups/2 Chest 2 bar complex, 7 Muscle Cleans @ 85, 6 Weighted Pistol Squats. So this was my modified workout so I could keep my heart rate down. Lifting 85 pounds is getting heavy for me. I never thought my strength would leave me, but I guess the baby takes my most of my energy. EMOMs are nice for me because I get to rest the remainder of the minute and it helps me to keep my heart rate down. I did not cramp after the workout, but my belly button and belly was super sensitive and heavy. About an hour later and while I am typing this my belly button tendon and lower part of the abdomen is cramping/tight. It goes away after a couple of hours and I know it’s not dangerous because I spoke to the doctor it is very uncomfortable. I was questioning whether or not I was going to get an epidural. I think after feeling this cramping and tightness after every workout, which I know is not even close to the pain I am going to feel going into labor, I am going to opt for the epidural. I want to have an enjoyable experience and would like Matt to enjoy the labor too. I am not too proud.

I am officially 24 weeks today and I feel large and heavy! I love feeling Luke move, but I need a break. He moves all day long and not small, cute movements. He never stops! I am guessing he will continue to be a moving and grooving baby all the time so I guess since I can contain him in my belly for now it’s good. I know most moms feel this all day long, but he never sleeps or if he is sleeping, he is still moving. I am not complaining at all just wanted to give you an insight of what is happening in my daily life with carrying this baby boy.

Another day in the life of carrying a baby. Oh by the way, my sister-in-law found out she is having another girl. The grandkid count will be 3 boys and 3 girls after this round of deliveries. Oh Christmas is going to be so much fun! We need more grandparents!

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