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This is going to be a 3 day catch-up because I was celebrating with my family all weekend and they do not have a computer at their house and I was having a blast with everyone. My Easter weekend began on Friday late afternoon when I arrived Carl Junction at 4:30. As soon as I arrived the belly rubbing began. My mom asked and put her hands all over my belly. I didn’t mind because it was soothing and not a stranger. My sisters who are also pregnant rubbed my belly because they had never felt abdominal muscles with a pregnancy. It wasn’t all that bad to have my belly touched, but they asked before they were touching. Luke was not all that active, but he got fed. I don’t think Luke could move very much because I ate constantly.

I am learning to enjoy pregnancy a little bit. People around me take notice and offer to help me with anything and everything. People are so nice! I don’t mind any manual labor yet, but if I drop something I do like it when someone reaches down to help me pick it up. Bending over has it challenges. This summer will be interesting when I go to work out and I cannot get my socks on. I hope someone at the gym will be able to help put my socks and shoes on so I can work out.

Today’s workout went really well. It consisted of 800 m Row, 45 Box Jumps 20”, 30 Power clean and Jerks 95 lbs, 45 pullups, 30 Power Snatches at 95 lbs, 800 m row. The only modification was snatches and I did hang double dumbbell Power snatches at 25 lbs in each arm. I manually checked my heart rate after pull-ups and it capped out at 180 for a few seconds. I rested a minute and began again. Here’s my problem. The doctor told me my heart rate should be under or at 160 and I should be able to have a conversation. Well, my heart rate was at 180, but I was able to talk to my friend during the entire workout. How am I supposed to monitor that? I guess I can tell when it’s the highest because I usually test it when I begin to chest breathe.

Now that I know the sex of the baby my excitement each week is slightly less. I love my baby more daily because I can feel his every move. The anticipation of finding out the gender was so overwhelming and now I need to come to reality and learn how to be a mom to an infant.

Ok now I need to talk about a deeper issue that has been on my heart that some women have mentioned to me and would love to learn more about. Post-Partum Depression. All of my women friends whom I have talked with mention their post-partum depression and what they each individually went through and why. It sounds like it happens to most women so is there something to help prevent the occurrence of it? I have a feeling it will affect me because I am used to being very independent and having my own schedule. Do any women go to counseling beforehand to prevent PPD? It kind of scares me, but I know my family will help whenever I need time and sleep. My mom answered my question about PPD with being able to sleep helps with PPD and being with friends. I am very thankful I will have Matt’s mom and my parents around to call for help whenever I need some. I only bring this topic up because of how many women talk to me in “private” about their situations, because they are embarrassed. However, almost every woman has had PPD. I’m glad more women are talking about it, but why so ashamed? I am pretty open about most everything so I am thankful these women are talking about their situations and are not embarrassed. I am aware of the different degrees of PPD so there are some that cannot function and there are some that needed a day away from their child and they were better for a while.

I am so excited to be a mom, but sometimes I get scared to show my excitement because I am insecure about hurting someone’s feelings if they are unable to get pregnant or other circumstances are happening. I have noticed myself doing that a lot lately. I try not to show too much excitement. I am beyond thrilled to be carrying my son!

Sorry, this is a lot of deep topics from this weekend, but I have been in thought about PPD and what if I was unable to get pregnant? My love and compassion for women is great and so the nostalgia of being pregnant has heightened that even more.


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