I am 22 weeks and am still able to do Toes 2 bar. My belly afterwards was super tight and uncomfortable, but I still did 45 yesterday. Last night I had a great workout.

4 x 4 back squat at 155 pounds



Back squats 105

Toes 2 Bar


3 rounds

6 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead 20 pounds

40’ OH carry- Double DB

6 Double DB Shoulder to OH

40’ OH carry- Double DB

270 m Row


I like when I do not have to modify a movement. I am having to modify weight on back squats because my hips hurt and the pressure of the baby is difficult to get to below parallel. I am lowering the weight and am working to keep full range of motion as long as I can.

My belly is starting to droop/build with pressure so I like to hold it up when I am sitting down or standing for a relief to my bladder and hips. I noticed myself walking differently also. I had a little waddle. I felt that my walk felt funny so I focused on keeping my walk the same as before. I am starting to laugh at myself because I used to not understand why women always touched their bellies or couldn’t walk normal. I am beginning to understand. I try to not do those things when I am around my college students. They keep commenting how they are surprised I even have a belly. The baby has to grow I tell them.

Matt and I will be working on Spring Cleaning on Sunday since we get to spend the day together. We have a lot of chores we need to get done so we are making a fun day out of it. We will be painting and hanging curtains in Luke’s room. We will also be cleaning our closet and donating bunches of clothes that we do not wear anymore.

I am looking forward to working the Tanger Throwdown this weekend for Driven Nutrition’s booth. If you are going to be in Branson come say hi and I will fix you up some deliciousness of protein. I love CrossFit Competitions! It’s fun to be a part of the community of fitness.

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