It finally happened for real and often. I felt the baby kick last night for the first time during my evening workout. I didn’t think it was real until it kept happening and it was the slightest movement. It began while I was working out. The workout consisted of an 800 m run, 15 Clean and Jerks 105 lbs., 40 pull-ups, 15 squat cleans, 40 pull-ups, 15 Power Cleans, and 800 m run. I began to feel pressure and cramping during the end of the Power Cleans. I didn’t think too much about it and then as I started running the last 800 m I noticed a constant flutter in the same spot over and over. I realized that was the baby moving! It’s pretty cool.

I am also undeniably pregnant now. I walked into the CrossFit gym last night and one of the coaches had been out of town for the week and when he saw me he said, “You really are growing something in there.” Pointing to my belly. I guess I will need to continue to take more progress pictures. I also was given a heart rate monitor to use and according to the heart rate monitor my heart rate averaged 176 bpm. That is way too high! So I am going to test it manually and digitally to make sure there isn’t a hiccup in the digital device. I didn’t feel like my heart rate was elevated that high, but I don’t know anything about heart rates except for where I am supposed to stay under which is 160. I do not feel the digital device was working accurately so you reading this don’t freak out because I am not pushing to the point of competitive Mallory.

I have noticed extreme swelling of my gums the past couple of days and did not know what was happening. I read today that the increase in hormones is causing gestational gingivitis. What? Pregnancy is crazy. So I have been flossing daily and that helps quite a bit. I didn’t ever floss, but I guess I am going to have to make it a daily part of my routine for a while.

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