I am back from spring break! I love working at a University for this reason. I enjoyed working out, hanging out with friends, shopping, cooking, and a lot of sleeping. I finally purchased a belly band for my workouts and it has made a huge difference in the pressure and cramping I have been feeling after my workouts. I bought it at Motherhood Maternity store and it protects my upper and lower back as well as pulling my belly up so it doesn’t shake, rattle, and roll.

One of the biggest accomplishments Matt and I have done in our home is we bought “new” baby furniture. It’s different than our usual purchases. We went antiquing and found a refurbished 6 drawer dresser and a sewing table, which we will use not to sew. We also bought wall paper! I never thought I would be purchasing or applying that in my lifetime. I am a neutral, modern house person and I have decided to make the nursery teal, green, white, yellow, and depending on girl or boy will be navy blue or pink. I would never have guessed those colors of a nursery. I may change my mind after finding out the gender, but for now I am pleased.

I want to feel the baby move so bad. I see my belly getting larger and the cravings getting stronger, but no baby moves. I decided not to do the open 16.3 because of snatches and bar muscle ups. These two movements are my favorite, but I do not want to pick up poor form in snatches and did not want to smash my baby over and over on bar muscle ups. I did some other terrible workouts to make up for it.

I am learning a lot of new modifications for movements such as burpees, rope climbs, hand stand push-ups, and snatches. Jared Stevens has been helping me find equivalent muscle movements. All of his modifications are much more difficult than the actual movement itself. Coincidence? I doubt it. He’s having me work a lot with dumbbells instead of barbells, which is going to be beneficial for me, but it’s so much harder than a barbell.

I have started using Bio oil daily. I put it on from my neck down to the top of my knees. I have heard it may or may not help with preventing stretch marks, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt.

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