When is this alien going to stop taking over my body so I can start feeling better? I used to know my body so well with rest, nutrition, exercise, and now…I don’t know a single thing. All I know is everyday is an adventure with how I feel. The past two days I have had migraines, which I have never had before. I also have encountered the morning sickness again. I want to feel what all these other pregnant women have to say. I want to be that lady who loves pregnancy and everything that comes with it. I am not that lady. I am so excited that I am able to carry a baby yes and that I have the potential to deliver a healthy baby. I hate not feeling my usual grand self. Alright, my pity party is over.


On another note I completed open workout 16.2 today. Which was 25 Toes to bar, 50 Double Unders (Jump Rope), 15 squat cleans 85 lbs, 13 squat cleans 115, and 8 squat cleans at 145. I am pleased with my score. Toes 2 bar are getting more difficult every week. At least I know the baby is growing in my belly.


I’m on spring break all week long and going to enjoy my time. I was able to hang out with my friends at the CrossFit gym and cheer them on competing in 16.2. My 417 team are fit freaks, literally. It’s fun to see them work!


I’m so excited to find out the gender of our baby! I know I keep talking about that in my blog, but it is what makes me so pumped. Right now it’s a human, but in two weeks it will be a boy or girl human. I guess it makes it more real. Either way, I am getting very impatient waiting for these next two weeks to pass.


Oh when do the boobs stop growing? These things are humongous and are growing at a faster rate than my belly. I mean its kind of cool, but I have to shop for a whole new wardrobe for a few months and I am resistant. It’s funny daily. Somebody at the gym mentions them every time I am at the gym. I guess people are comfortable with talking to me about my body. Is that weird? Haha.

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