I am all baby registered up, now! That was a tad overwhelming! Oh well, I had some fun to exploring all these weird contraptions and breast thingy magigy’s. I am still battling a terrible cold that will not go away, but I think a lot of people are struggling with this cold. I have not been able to sleep at night from all the congestion so I have been so tired during the day.

On the pregnancy part, my belly has been growing daily. Not sure if it’s because I am eating large amounts of food or the baby is growing. I am thinking both are an attribute. I have been feeling pretty good all-around with the pregnancy. I have some aches and pains occasionally, but nothing to moan and groan about. I cannot hide my belly any longer. It pokes out through all my clothing and need to go to the store and purchase some maternity t-shirts so I can move properly throughout the day.

One thing that I really enjoy with my sweet cravings is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein from Driven Nutrition. I pair that with Almond milk at night and I don’t need to inhale chocolate cake or brownies. It saves me a lot of calories and carbohydrates to eat elsewhere. It’s good for the baby too.

I’m not doing a whole lot lately just trying to get healthy and rid of this cold. Two more weeks to gender reveal and I cannot wait! I need to rid my mind of this so I stop thinking about it. Matt and I are so excited to find out so we can start planning and figuring out names!

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