18 week check-up at the doctor’s went fine. The baby’s heartbeat was 143. Every time I have been to the doctor the heart rate gets lower and lower. The first time it was 167, second time 148, and today 143. I don’t know if that is worry some. The Nurse Practitioner didn’t think anything of the heart beat so I guess that’s good. So over all it is always fun to hear the heartbeat. We find out the sex of the baby March 23! I cannot wait to find out. I don’t know how these parents do not find out the sex of their baby until the day it comes out of the womb. I need to plan.

I was a tad worried going to the doctor’s office because I haven’t been able to feel the baby since 15 weeks. The doctor said that is pretty normal. After I heard the heart beat I felt better about the situation.

So my cravings prior to the 18 week mark had been extreme spicy foods and now it has changed to brownies and chocolate and all the sweets. Oh no, not good. I am going to have to figure out some healthy desserts to make so I don’t eat all those empty calories. My husband is not helping the situation, either. I told him I needed doughnuts this morning and asked him if we shouldn’t? He said, are you nuts. If you want doughnuts, I want doughnuts! I think he enjoys me being pregnant because he loves food as much as I do and I haven’t been following my macros too close. My thought process is, if I work out and train then I should be able to enjoy foods that I do not usually get to enjoy when I am training for the Open, Regionals, and the Games.

Matt and I are going to attempt to register for baby items tonight. I believe we are going to be highly entertaining because we both have no idea what we are looking for or needing. We are going to have some fun!

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