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Wow! I am amazed at all the words of encouragement and unbelievable stories from men and women who struggle with body images and addictions to drugs that have changed their lives for themselves and for their kids. So many amazing stories! Thank you for reading my blog.

Woke up this morning to a belly ache. I have been eating new recipes lately and I’m wondering if my belly is adjusting to these new recipes! Last night I made red curry. It was delicious! Matt said it was his new favorite meal I have made. Yah!

Anyways, I have found a friend to workout with during the day at Evangel and then I can go to the gym at CrossFit417 in the evenings to train and focus on areas I need. I am creating a new routine for myself which includes going to the grocery store after work every 2 days for new recipes I am going to try and also reading a new book every month. I decided to give myself a break from baby and pregnancy books and start focusing on something else. My book I am going to be reading this month is called “For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards” by Jen Hatmaker. I am pretty excited to begin this book. I am waiting for this book to arrive at my front door.

This weekend I am also going to be attending the Designed Sisterhood at James River on Friday night with some girlfriends. I am excited to have some girl time to Celebrate Jesus with other women.

For the women who have already had children how much research did you all do to register for your child? There is so many brands, methods, and contraptions to purchase. How do you ever decide on what you want and need? I am working slowly, but surely on my research on strollers and infant carriers. My big hang up is whether or not to try cloth diapers or settle for disposable? There are so many opinions and options. Anyways, if any of you moms have some opinions on what you have to have and brands I would highly appreciate it. You can message me on Facebook. Thanks again.

I am becoming very impatient on finding out the gender of my baby. I am already 17 weeks plus and want to find out so bad. Matt keeps telling me it will be fine to wait. My doctor will not do the anatomy of the baby, which is also the checking to make sure it’s growing properly, until 21 weeks. I’m going to hold strong, but I want to get a gender reveal ultrasound so bad right now. Other than that pregnancy is going smooth. I’m adjusting every week to an ever growing baby belly and chest. Do those things ever stop growing? HAHA!


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