I am going on a ruck this afternoon in this beautiful weather with some friends. They told me since a weight vest is already attached to me I don’t have to wear additional weight. I am going to take some Tylenol and voyage on. I may have to pee midway through, but I am so excited to spend some time with friends doing something active! I am making sure I am drinking enough water so I don’t get dehydrated on this run.

Matt leaves for his first Missouri State baseball trip this season and he goes to Central Arkansas. He was supposed to be gone ThursdaySunday, but since it is supposed to rain on Sunday they are having a double header on Saturday and he gets to be home all day Sunday! That’s a rare event, but I am going to enjoy every minute of him being home and not having to go to work on Sunday! I don’t know if I have mentioned before that Matt has a great opportunity to be the head baseball coach for the Northwood’s League in Kalamazoo, MI. It is only for the summer, but it is such a great opportunity we couldn’t pass it up. I am so proud of his work ethic and accomplishments. He moves May 26 and doesn’t come back until August 15. However, I am due August 2nd, so we are working that out with his General Manager. I will make some trips to see him throughout the summer, but it is a 12 hour drive.

Ok, enough about him. I am working on finding a chiropractor that can help out my tailbone and sciatica and also a masseuse to give me some relief. I have been much better at keeping my pillow with me at all times and making sure I am sitting on that wherever I go.

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