I sat on my chair with the hemorrhoid pillow all day and my tailbone/butt is finally starting to feel better. I didn’t limp too much and can walk normal today. I am going to attempt to work out this evening. I am not going to go super hard, I will take it easy tonight, unless I feel good. 😉

The second trimester is pretty uneventful on the daily, for the exception of the emotional, moodiness, and weird cravings. The feeling I have had of late is an overwhelming sensation of needing to know everything about pregnancy, having the baby, and the first 6 weeks of their life. Needless to say that would be overwhelming to anyone. I think it’s happening from reading books and there is so much to do to get ready to occupy another human being and to keeping them alive and thriving. I am trying to enjoy each day and learn only what I can on a daily basis. If I get overwhelmed, lately I have been crying, but that does nothing to solve a problem. Matt is helping me talk through all that I have been overwhelmed. I am confident most women feel this way and it’s a terrible feeling.

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