Last night after I finished up my blog for the evening I was walking into my bedroom and fell over in pain from my tailbone/sciatic nerve pain down my leg. I got up and tried again and the intensity of the pain felt like my back was breaking in half. Matt helped carry me to and from the bathroom the rest of the evening and resting was the only thing I could do to relieve the pain. This morning I thought my back would have calmed down, but I guess I went too hard in my workout last night. This morning I took three steps without pain and the fourth step fell down in agony. Matt put me back in the bed and I immediately called the doctor to see if there is anything more I can take besides Tylenol. The answer was rest and Tylenol and possibly go to the chiropractor. I am going to wait until my pain decreases before I go get more work done on my lower back. I was able to get out of bed once the Tylenol kicked in and could take baby steps to get ready for work and go to work this morning.

I felt like I deserved a treat for getting out of bed so I went to St. George’s Donuts and bought a dozen glazed donuts for Matt and me. I ate 3 and will save the rest for Matt for later. I have been wanting donuts since Saturday and have convinced myself that cravings are not real, but today I couldn’t resist any longer, I needed donuts!

Well, I am a little nervous about telling my volleyball girls that I will no longer be coaching them after today. I have spent the past 6 years coaching at Evangel and today marks my last day as a volleyball coach. I have been coaching volleyball since I was 18 years old. My love and passion for volleyball comes from the ability to help shape young, athletic women to know they are much more than being an athlete. For the past 6+ years I have had the luxury of helping create confident, God fearing, hard- working young women. I will miss them very much, but I will not stop being an active mentor in their lives. I am looking forward to having my own family to care for and develop, but I will miss my girls!

My heart has been extremely heavy the past month knowing this was going to be my last few weeks and I have cried a lot as a part of my life, I am saying “goodbye.” My relationship with them won’t be the same and I want to be invested in their lives. I am very grateful to be able to be at the same University be able to carry on my relationship with them even if it is not coaching them in the sport of volleyball.

Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!

I told the girls and it went better than expected. I had some tears, but the girls were understanding and didn’t feel I was abandoning them, but rather were mature young ladies who hugged me and told me they appreciated my time I spent with them. They have grown up before my eyes. I am proud!

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