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I felt the baby kick today! Multiple times! I didn’t think I was supposed to be able to feel the baby until 16+ weeks, but my belly moved and it felt like little flutter kicks! I let my volleyball players feel it and they were amazed as well, or at least made me believe it was awesome! I think I felt it move because I had a cup of caffeinated coffee and my baby started dancing and moving. I do not usually drink coffee, but certain days I feel like treating myself to 100 mg of a warm, caffeinated beverage. It is always a magical moment when this happens.


After my Doctor appointment on Tuesday and having gained 7 lbs. in 14 weeks I decided it was time to watch my eating. I decided today to eat higher nutritious foods and give myself one cheat day a week as long as I work out 5-6 times/week as well. My goal is to only gain 25 lbs. in my first pregnancy and I am well aware the most weight gain happens from 20-30 weeks and from 30-40 weeks edema occurs.


Matt has caught the flu this week so I am guessing I will be catching this monster in a week or so…I hope not, but the odds are not in my favor.


I made it to the gym today after eating my weight in super bowl snack foods. I was able to do a 7 min Emom of 5-6 strict pull-ups, 8 min EMOM of 1 power clean and Jerk (I only did 145 lbs.), and a 12 min AMRAP of 7 box jumps- 20”, 7 Power Cleans-75 lbs., and 7 Sh 2 OH at 75 lbs. I was able to get 10 rounds plus 9 reps. then I decided to ride the Air dyne for 15 minutes for some extra calorie burn.


The next couple of days at work I will be working a Health Expo all day and try to get faculty and staff signed up for my walking classes to help with our wellness participation. We do not have many faculty and staff that want to get healthy.


I have started reading Baby Wise and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Really good reads and a lot of education are happening for me. I have so much to learn and retain.


So do most women cramp in the second trimester? I have been cramping the past few days nothing like period cramps, but deep short cramping that last a few seconds and then goes away. Are those Braxton Hicks contractions? Can you get those this early? Why?


My husband bought me a hemorrhoid pillow from the store and I was hoping he was going to get a blow up one so I can deflate it, put it in my person and blow it up at work or wherever I sit down for long periods of time. Ha. He bought my a giant, yellow one when I explained to him why I appreciated him buying this for me and taking the time how am I supposed to carry this around with me? He told me to put some string around it and wear it as a necklace. He’s real funny.


By the way I turn 30 years old tomorrow and I am going to bed before 9pm. The struggle is real folks. I guess I am trying to get the sleeping in until I won’t get to consistently later.

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