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Designed to create massive energy, PreWOD delivers maximum blood flow, oxygenation and nutrient delivery to working muscle tissue.


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Train with maximum concentration and drive in every workout. PreWod adds energy and intensity to every workout you set out to conquer. Never again feel tired as your training drains your energy. PreWod will bring the drive deep into the most brutal workout. Designed to create massive energy, PreWod delivers maximum blood flow, oxygenation and nutrient delivery to working muscle tissue. Win the war against the weights, be Driven to meet the challenge of every workout.

From “PreWOD vs. Amino
“Lets first look at PreWod™ and breakdown the active ingredients with simple explanations of their role in enhancing your workout. Pre-Wod™ contains 200mg of caffeine anhydrous, about the same amount of caffeine in a large cup of coffee. The anhydrous state of Caffeine just denotes its water free form and thus when it enters your body (75% water) it is absorbed faster than a liquid delivered form of caffeine. Otherwise they are synonymous. Also in the stimulant category of the formula is DMAE or dimethylethanolamine, a choline metabolite that unlike caffeine increases the release of dopamine (feel good chemical in the brain) without increasing your heart rate. The combination of DMAE and Caffeine can give you hours of feel good focused energy that can give you the energy to push you through the tough parts of your workout or taken before you leave your house, motivate you to keep driving to the gym instead of making a detour!

PreWod™ also contains 1500mg of Beta-alanine a nonessential amino acid and the building block of carnosine in the body. It’s purpose is to buffer the build up of acid inside the muscle cells to reduce fatigue and improve performance. You may also notice the “tingly” side effects you feel on your skin within the first 5-10 minutes of taking it. Side note, to truly get the benefits of its acid buffering abilities you will have to reach your bodies peak performance zone. That is extreme fatigue where one more round or one more rep seems impossible, so if you take it WORK HARD and get your moneys worth!

The Betaine Anhydrous (yep no H2O added) was added to Pre-Wod™ to increase force production, aka make you stronger. This vitamin derived from choline is often found in sugar beets thus the name Betaine. The increase in strength is partly due to Betaine’s ability to increase your body’s internal production of creatine. For increased recovery Betaine plays a role in promoting protein syntheses, the action of building new muscle and preventing muscle breakdown. Betaine has been shown to reduce inflammation at the cellular level, which could lead to many health benefits (probably best saved for another article)!”


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