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DRIVEN CASEIN™ is a premium, slow-absorption protein designed by DRIVEN NUTRITION® to feed muscles during extended time periods without food, such as between meals and overnight. Use these recovery periods to your advantage; build and repair muscles even while you rest!

Casein is a unique protein derived from milk that provides a continuous release of amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery. Micellar Casein is the slowest absorbing form of Casein. Every serving of DRIVEN CASEIN™ delivers 20 grams of 100% Micellar Casein, including 2.2 grams of L-Leucine, the Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) responsible for initiating muscle protein synthesis (mTOR), for a total of 4.9 grams of BCAAs.

If you want a premium protein that mixes easily, tastes delicious, and will nourish and sustain your muscles all hours of the day and night, look no further than DRIVEN CASEIN™ from DRIVEN NUTRITION®!*

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What’s The Difference Between Cottage Cheese & Casein

For starters, casein is not a byproduct; it is produced directly from milk. The more sophisticated “micellar” version of casein has a natural spherical  structure and is made from all five casein milk proteins (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and kappa). Remove just one of these proteins and the micelle of the casein is destroyed. It is these five proteins or structures that give micellar casein its extremely high level of bioactivity in the body.

The clumping characteristic of micellar casein means it gives a gradual release of amino acids and high levels of Leucine. This leads to extended periods of protein syntheses and high levels of nitrogen retention. This extended delivery is extremely anti-catabolic, making it not just a good muscle builder but an excellent muscle preserver. Think of your muscles like your money…a muscle saved is a muscle earned!  Read more….

Pre Sleep Protein Ingestion To Improve The Skeletal Muscle Adaptive Response To Exercise Training

Overnight Protein Metabolism

In general, most studies assess the effects of food intake on the muscle protein synthetic response to exercise performed in an overnight fasted state. Such post-absorptive conditions differ from normal everyday practice in which recreational sports activities are often performed in the late afternoon or evening after a full day of habitual physical activity and food intake. Therefore, we evaluated the impact of exercise performed in a fed state in the evening and the efficacy of protein ingestion immediately after exercise on muscle protein synthesis during prolonged overnight recovery [21]. The ingestion of 20–25 g of protein during exercise increased muscle protein synthesis rates during exercise, but we observed no increase in muscle protein synthesis rates during the prolonged overnight recovery period. Muscle protein synthesis rates during overnight sleep were unexpectedly low, with values being even lower than those typically observed in the in the morning following an overnight fast. Thus, a day of habitual food intake and the ingestion of 20–25 g of protein during and/or immediately after an exercise bout performed in the evening does not suffice to augment overnight muscle protein reconditioning.  Read more…


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