I’m going to put this out there. Words often fail me, and I’m not always great at conveying my thoughts. But this one’s for Mallory…and she deserves to have you read through to the end.

Eight months ago, I approached Mallory about whether she’d be willing to blog her pregnancy...Read More »



40 weeks plus 2 days! I have outgrown Matt’s t-shirts. His shirts do not fit over my belly anymore either. My mom told me we could meet in Mt. Vernon and I could borrow my dad’s shirts. He’s a XXL. No thank you. Matt and I are trying everything and...Read More »



This is hopeless! I am 40 weeks and no baby. The only positive is that I get a bonus ultra sound tomorrow to make sure placenta and amniotic fluid are still working properly for Luke. I am pretty sure I don’t need an ultrasound to make that prediction because...Read More »



I am pretty discouraged this morning! After my doctor appointment yesterday I was hoping for really good news to deliver Luke soon, but instead I found out that Luke has been wanting to come out, but my body is not ready yet. I haven’t dilated any further from 38 weeks...Read More »

39 weeks!


39 weeks! I am doing well, not much to report except I am now peeing way more than I thought was possible. It lasts all 24 hours and never seems to stop. I woke up every 1 hour and 30 minutes last night and I am tired and...Read More »

Contractions are coming in hot today!


Contractions are coming in hot today! They are getting a tad more uncomfortable, and still irregular, but happening much closer together. The top half of my stomach is completely squishy because Luke has dropped all the way down to the pelvis. I have been walking as much as my feet...Read More »



Emotional! Today has been an extremely emotional day! I know my days of being independent and doing whatever I need or want to do is coming to an end. My time with my husband and me will no longer be the same! I have been married to Matt for almost...Read More »



Matt and I went to Carl Junction yesterday to visit family and I forgot Matt has not been around 3 toddlers and a newborn at a given time. He was overwhelmed to say the least. We got in the truck to head back to Springfield and we both said we...Read More »



Officially 38 weeks and 1 day and slept for 9 hours straight through last night. Either I was extremely tired or my diffuser with essential oils put me in a coma. I diffused lavender and panaway and put two drops of lavender on the bottoms of my feet and behind...Read More »



Matt arrived home at 5:30am just the time I began coaching Crossfit this morning! Glad he’s back, but it always takes a week or so to adjust to being a couple again. I mean I have my routine by myself and he comes home and messes my routine up....Read More »


Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and am already starting to dilate and cervix is soft and ready to go. The baby’s head is the lowest it can be in the pelvis and he’s in the correct position. The doctor told me the baby cannot flip because he...Read More »

37 weeks!


37 weeks! I can’t believe I only have 3 weeks remaining. For the most part I feel really great. The pressure from my belly being so big causes me extreme fatigue from my belly to my toes. I am to the point where sleeping is a privilege. I can fall...Read More »



Good news is that I do not have Cholestasis. The bad news is I am allergic to the heat. I get terrible heat rash from exposing any of my skin to the heat. Yah! As soon as I walk into the CrossFit gym or outside I begin to break out...Read More »



The last couple days have been the worst pregnancy days ever! I have broken out in hives all over my body including the bottoms of my feet and palms of my hands. Uncontrollable itching. Benadryl seems to relieve the hives plus the itching. I have never had this problem without...Read More »



I had a great weekend celebrating my dad for Father’s Day and an award for his years in ministry in Omaha, NE. I also had the opportunity to meet my new nephew Owen Daniel, who weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs and my sister delivered that boy in 1...Read More »



I must confess my Instagram and Facebook account look like I have no problems working out and training. Here’s the reality… I’m tired and insecure every time I walk into the gym. My clothes don’t fit like they used to, which is fine, but you know the saying, “you look...Read More »



This past weekend was great! I have been feeling really good and everything is growing as it should. Well, that is what the doctor says. I am now meeting with the doctor every 2 weeks. I have been trying really hard to watch my eating habits and stay pretty healthy...Read More »

32 Weeks!



32 weeks! I have morning sickness again! Luckily is it only until noon or so. My baby is taking up so much room in my stomach that I have started to waddle. I try really hard not to, but by the end of the day or after a long...Read More »

Braxton Hicks


Oh my word! Braxton Hicks contractions are painful and terrible. However, if you are like me and like to drink coffee before water then your contractions will be much worse. Lesson learned. Drink water before coffee to prevent Braxton Hicks contractions.

I am so thankful I had a sister and a...Read More »

30 Weeks!


30 Weeks! I had my gestational diabetes test today and they told me in the next couple days if I don’t hear anything back that no news is good news. The baby’s heart rate was 151 and my blood pressure was 120/60. The sad news for me is that I...Read More »



29 Weeks! I only have 11 weeks remaining until due date! Matt leaves for Michigan next Tuesday and I have new pregnancy side effects: indigestion, a little heart burn, and more emotional than ever. It’s getting fun! I am excited to be receiving my pregnancy pillow today in the mail...Read More »



To my dad,

I have to take a day to dedicate my blog post to how great of a dad I have and how much he has impacted my life. You see my dad is an athletic director and men’s basketball coach and has been for 25+ years. He has worked...Read More »



I worked at the front desk at Evangel University for the first time in 3 years. I have a new office and it sits behind the front desk where not a lot of people can see in or visit. I had a great time working the front desk yesterday because...Read More »



I had a great pregnancy Mother’s Day! Matt spoiled me with a card, breakfast in bed, and manicure and pedicure. It was really nice to get a little pampered! I had the privilege of cooking my mom, dad, and mother in law dinner too. It was a lovely Sunday.

I...Read More »



Matt and I attended our first ever prepared childbirth class last night at Turner Center with Cox. It was a class to educate us on what to expect for childbirth before and after labor. It was an eye opening class. In the class we were able to watch 3 live...Read More »

Another good day!


Another good day! This morning I had a bunch of lower abdominal pain and pelvic floor pain especially when I worked out legs. I am hoping this pain will go away soon, but I am not too hopeful. I am being careful with how much weight I am lifting and...Read More »



God is so great! I have been struggling the past month with loneliness and the past two days God has answered prayers by putting people in my life who have good hearts! I had a terrible day yesterday at work and in the afternoon I had a volleyball player visit...Read More »



I apologize for my lack of writing these past few days. I have been struggling with some depression like symptoms and needed a break to be me and be with family. I have been having cramping and Braxton Hick contractions everyday lately for 20-25 minutes/day. The doctor told me if...Read More »


I had another doctor appointment. I am now 26 weeks and 1 day. Everything is going smooth, my blood pressure is great so is Luke’s. I have my gestational diabetes test in 4 weeks. I asked for the lemon-lime flavor I hope I chose well. I talked a lot...Read More »




Luke is moving all over my belly and it feels like I have snakes. Last night it scared me as I was lying in bed watching some television I screamed and thought something was slithering across my stomach. Luckily it was Luke. That was the strangest, but coolest feeling.


I went...Read More »

04-24-2016 Vulnerability


I do not like transition periods. Things are changing in my life daily and I am struggling big time. When I say “things” I mean friendships, passions, and priorities. I have a goal-oriented vision, but have been at a loss for what my passion/purpose is. CrossFit has been my passion...Read More »

Recent Travels (Video)

...Read More »



Matt thinks I am squishing our baby. He gave me an analogy that our baby’s face and hands are pressed against my belly yelling for me to stop doing toes 2 bar and core work so he can have more room. I laughed so hard because that is seriously what...Read More »



I got to work out with “cool kids” today at CrossFit 417! I rearranged my schedule to train at 10am instead of5pm. I have to work later in the evening because of it, but so worth it. We did a 36 min EMOM with 15 sec Free standing...Read More »

3.11.16 Video


...Read More »

WOD pregnancy scare last night


I had a huge pregnancy scare last night at CrossFit 417. There was a partner wod programmed and I love partner workouts! I have been feeling really good lately and my breathing has been under control and I am learning to pace and take it easy when working out. Last...Read More »

Fashion in maternity clothes


Alright, so I am having a hard time fitting into my workout clothes and daily work clothes. I have looked online at multiple places, Old Navy, Target, Motherhood Maternity, and Zulily. I have noticed most of the clothes are white, gray, or black. They also have stripes on everything. There...Read More »

Pregnancy brain


I had a great weekend working the “The Throwdown” this weekend. I was working for Driven Nutrition at the booth and got to see a lot of people. The weather was beautiful and the baby was kicking. I have fallen in love with my son so much this past...Read More »



I am 22 weeks and am still able to do Toes 2 bar. My belly afterwards was super tight and uncomfortable, but I still did 45 yesterday. Last night I had a great workout.

4 x 4 back squat at 155 pounds



Back squats 105

Toes 2 Bar


3 rounds

6 Double DB Shoulder to...Read More »



This is going to be a 3 day catch-up because I was celebrating with my family all weekend and they do not have a computer at their house and I was having a blast with everyone. My Easter weekend began on Friday late afternoon when I arrived Carl Junction at...Read More »

“Luke’s room”


I did it I finally did it. I kept my heart rate under 160 for the entire workout except for 10 seconds where it jumped to 168. That is an accomplishment for me. I checked my heart rate every round and made sure to rest between each exercise. My workout...Read More »

It's a BOY!


Oh my gosh! I am beyond ecstatic about having a baby boy. We are naming him Luke Ryan Lawson. We wanted something simple and nothing to be confused with whether or not it’s a boy or girl. I am so ready to be a mom to Luke! It’s crazy how...Read More »

Tomorrow is the big day! 03-22-2016


I slept through the night for the first time in 5 months! It was glorious. I went to sleep at 10pm and woke up at 5:45am. My usual is going to bed around 9pm and waking up at 2am and 4 am. I feel spectacular...Read More »

Baby Lawson lands on The Games instagram



This past weekend was full of activity. I had friends spending the night to do the open 16.4 on Friday night. Which of course also leads to dinner after training. 16.4 was a great workout for me. I completed 198 reps. The workout was 55 Deadlifts at 155, 55 Wall...Read More »

Mallory Lawson breaks down 2 movements she uses as modifications to burpees and the snatch

Some great tips on these movements while pregnant

...Read More »



It finally happened for real and often. I felt the baby kick last night for the first time during my evening workout. I didn’t think it was real until it kept happening and it was the slightest movement. It began while I was working out. The workout consisted of an...Read More »



I am back from spring break! I love working at a University for this reason. I enjoyed working out, hanging out with friends, shopping, cooking, and a lot of sleeping. I finally purchased a belly band for my workouts and it has made a huge difference in the pressure and...Read More »



I had a wonderful day that started with taking my dog, Rocky to the groomers, which is in Ozark. After that I decided to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee and read some of my book, “For the Love” by Jen Hatmaker. I highly recommend this book. It was...Read More »



When is this alien going to stop taking over my body so I can start feeling better? I used to know my body so well with rest, nutrition, exercise, and now…I don’t know a single thing. All I know is everyday is an adventure with how I feel. The past...Read More »



I am all baby registered up, now! That was a tad overwhelming! Oh well, I had some fun to exploring all these weird contraptions and breast thingy magigy’s. I am still battling a terrible cold that will not go away, but I think a lot of people are struggling with...Read More »



18 week check-up at the doctor’s went fine. The baby’s heartbeat was 143. Every time I have been to the doctor the heart rate gets lower and lower. The first time it was 167, second time 148, and today 143. I don’t know if that is worry some. The Nurse...Read More »

02-25-2016 Words of encouragement and unbelievable stories

Wow! I am amazed at all the words of encouragement and unbelievable stories from men and women who struggle with body images and addictions to drugs that have changed their lives for themselves and for their kids. So many amazing stories! Thank you for reading my blog.

Woke up this morning...Read More »

02-23-2016 Struggling with body image issues

17 Weeks today! For the past three days I have been on emotional lock down. I have been struggling with body image issues and it’s beyond pregnancy. To many this is going to seem selfish and disgusting, but to me it’s an issue I have faced since...Read More »



Well, what I thought was going to be a 2mile ruck turned into a 90 min ruck. Not a smart idea for this tailbone hurting lady. I made the voyage, but do I hurt today. My hips and knees are struggling this morning. I went to the chiropractor finally and...Read More »



I am going on a ruck this afternoon in this beautiful weather with some friends. They told me since a weight vest is already attached to me I don’t have to wear additional weight. I am going to take some Tylenol and voyage on. I may have to pee midway...Read More »



I sat on my chair with the hemorrhoid pillow all day and my tailbone/butt is finally starting to feel better. I didn’t limp too much and can walk normal today. I am going to attempt to work out this evening. I am not going to go super hard, I will...Read More »


Last night after I finished up my blog for the evening I was walking into my bedroom and fell over in pain from my tailbone/sciatic nerve pain down my leg. I got up and tried again and the intensity of the pain felt like my back was breaking in half....Read More »

02-15-2016 Mallory



Oh my goodness, when is my tailbone going to be free of this horrible pain? I have been dealing with a painful tailbone now since week 8 and now I am going on week 16 and I can barely walk after working out or walking a block. The pain is...Read More »


I haven’t had much to report the past few days. I have been really boring and nothing important has happened in my pregnancy since I was able to feel the baby move. I am tired all the time and am hoping this goes away soon.


I have still been working out,...Read More »

02-08-2016 I felt the baby kick today!



I felt the baby kick today! Multiple times! I didn’t think I was supposed to be able to feel the baby until 16+ weeks, but my belly moved and it felt like little flutter kicks! I let my volleyball players feel it and they were amazed as well, or at...Read More »

2-4-2016 14- week check-up was fantastic.

This week has been the most stressful week, not with any baby stuff or pregnancy, but with my job. I have been in meeting after meeting and haven’t had time to work out. My mental game is off and I am trying to be as positive as I can.


Good news,...Read More »



Woke up this morning feeling my normal self. I taught my CrossFit class and came back home to take a nap…2 hours later I woke up. Oops. I decided to enjoy my morning and took my dog for a walk ate a great breakfast of 3 eggs and 3 oz....Read More »

1/29/2016 Competition day at CrossFit Provision



Its competition day at CrossFit Provision! I am so excited to compete with two new girls Baylee Rayl and Wendy Hardman. I am feeling really good and I always love competing.


Yesterday, my sisters and I planned a baby moon trip to Florida in mid April. I have two sisters, Chrissy...Read More »

1-27-2016 Feeling great!

I had one of the best days I have had since I found out I was pregnant! This morning I woke up around 7:30am and decided to try something new. I went to the Library Station on Campbell and was going to begin reading the books, “What to Expect When...Read More »

1-26-2016 Tacos and Fried Ice Cream


Went in this morning to the gym at around 8:50am because we have contractors at our house knocking out some walls and putting in new electrical work. I have been pretty excited to work out the past two days, but I hate not being able to take a pre-workout supplement....Read More »

1/25/2016 Feeling better and able to workout!


I woke up this morning at 4:30am ready to rock and roll to teach my CrossFit 417 5:30am class. I love this class so much. There are 22-28 individuals that come on Mondays. It’s pretty awesome. I had a couple ounces of Gingerale and 2 All Natural Brats before 5am....Read More »

1-24-2016 Gingerale and Pregnancy


GINGERALE!! That’s the key to this vomiting thing. Thanks to Jason Rule and my mom for mentioning this wonderful drink. I stopped throwing up last night and haven’t thrown up all day! I went to church by myself this morning because Matt had baseball camp. I’m pretty much a solo...Read More »

1/22/16-1/23/2016 Saltines


Thursday evening I did go and workout and I am so glad I did. It didn’t make me feel better, but I got moving, again.

Friday was a good day, because I got to spend it with one of my graduating senior volleyball players. We had a coffee date at 10am...Read More »


I apologize for not blogging the past two days. I have been miserably sick! I am not sure if it was from the long day of travel and having no nap, but I have suffered from extreme fatigue and Diarrhea! Sorry for the graphics, but I had no...Read More »

Sunday 1/17 Closing up Wodapalozza

This day started super early and stressful because when we woke up it was to a thunderstorm and high winds of 25 mph. There was a rain delay in the morning! We were supposed to start our event at 10:35am and didn’t go until 11:30am. We should have placed 4th...Read More »

Saturday 1/16

It was sunny and beautiful outside which was a change of pace from Friday where it was pouring rain all day. My team’s first event was at 3:13pm so we (Brooke Wells, Jessica Griffith, and Jared Stevens) decided to venture to find Cuban coffee at a local joint. We ended...Read More »

Video Blog 1.15.16 Wodapalozza Day 1


...Read More »

Lawson Blog 01-14-2016 Wodapalooza Bound

Woke up this morning at 5:00am to head to the airport because I am going to Miami, FL for Wodapalooza! Jessica Griffith and I were so excited and all went extremely well. We were a little nervous only having 35 minutes to connect to the 2nd flight, but we...Read More »

Lawson pregnancy blog 01/13/2016


Read the rest of the series here

...Read More »

Lawson Blog 01-12-16

01-12-16- Tuesday

I felt great this morning, surprisingly. I have been waking up around 3am every night because I have to go to the bathroom, but I guess is pretty normal, but really obnoxious.

I got to the gym around 11 and did  my gymnastics warm-up, which takes around 30 minutes to complete....Read More »

My first post

Today marks 10 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy and my belly has pooched out a little. All my clothes, especially sports bras, are feeling tighter. My workouts are frustrating because 10 weeks ago I was feeling great, my maxes were increasing, and I was excited to come to the...Read More »

Baby Lawson


Excited to announce “baby Lawson” will make his/her arrival 08/02/2016! We are very blessed to have the opportunity to be parents!  Follow our journey on
Here I will be online journaling my experiences, training, nutrition, and all the uncomfortable pleasantries of pregnancies.
@drivennutrition #realtalk #bodychanges #backaches #vomiting #inlovealready...Read More »